10 Tips for Making the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt – Part 2

Easter Egg Hunt Tips & Clues

So, if you have read the first part of our Easter Blog, you will know how to dress your venue for the best Easter party. So now it’s time to set up a fabulous Easter Egg hunt so you can have some incredible Easter themed fun this year. Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Plan ahead of time!

This may seem like an obvious one, but what you definitely need to do if you’re planning a proper Easter egg hunt is try and find the best hiding places way ahead of time. Now, you don’t have to do a crazy amount of planning here but we urge you to make sure that the places that you hide the eggs are safe to get to, and not too easy or too challenging so you can have a really enjoyable time hunting down all your Easter Eggs with your little ones. So have a quick look around before the day to see where all your interesting nooks and crannies are and get your Easter Egg hunt planned ahead of time.

2. Think Outside of the Box

However, a tip for having a really great Easter Egg hunt is to hide your eggs in places that your children don’t normally look (we’ll go into more detail about why in a later tip), but so really have a think about all of the best “Hide in plain sight” spots you can sneakily stick an egg into. A great example of this would be something they always see, but never really take notice of; think maybe about the shoe-rack in the hallway, or the bathroom cabinet. We always recommend thinking outside the box when setting up your Easter Egg hunt.

3. Make a map

Now here’s the time to flex your creative muscles and make something really special for your Easter Egg hunt this year. Get out some paper and pens and make a map with all of the “landmarks” that are the places that have eggs hidden in them. You can even go all out and stain the map with tea or coffee and fray the edges so it looks distinctly pirate-like. Give one of these to your little ones at the start of the hunt and they are sure to be properly inspired to go hunting!

4. Hints and riddles

One thing you can do to give your little ones something to think about during the harder parts of the hunt is to give them a few cryptic hints and riddles to really get their brains working. For example; if you’ve hidden an egg in the fridge (maybe in a carton of eggs) you could try writing a little riddle like this: This is something in your kitchen, Meat, milk and yogurt it does hold, The reason you put them in this, Is because it helps keep them cold. Or maybe, if you’ve hidden an egg on the washing line, you could write something like: For the next clue you may have to run. Because it’s where our clothes dry in the sun. Writing these little tips are sure to get your little ones working hard to figure out where all those eggs are hiding!

5. Get your family involved

Now, this might require a little bit more forward planning, but imagine how amazing it would be if you could have a multiple stage Easter Egg hunt if you can get maybe the grandparents house involved. If that perhaps isn’t possible then be sure to…

6. Get your friends involved

This works even better if your friends also have children so you can make multiple stretches for everyone to get stuck into. Definitely plan ahead and maybe have your being part one of the hunt and then their house as part two, or vice versa – this is also a great way to set up an activity that can lead into a full blow Easter party.

7. Find Your Name Easter Egg Hunt

This is a fun twist on the Easter Egg hunt general idea as it puts a new twist on the formula. For this game, hide letters inside the Eggs and have the players try and find all of the letters of their names, and whoever gets their whole name first is the winner!

8. Crack The Code Easter Egg Hunt

Put riddles and codes into the eggs that your kids have to crack before they can move onto the next egg. This is sure to be a tonne of fun for whoever is involved and is bound to make your Easter Egg hunt way more exciting and challenging especially for older children.

9. Hide and Seek Easter Egg Hunt

This is another spin on the classic formula, and in this game you get the participants of the hunt to decorate and hide their own eggs and whoever is the last one to be found is the winner of the game.

10. Make a trail to the Final Big Egg

This is the best one! What you can do for your Easter Egg hunt is make a really long chocolate trail to the big reward at the end. Whatever your final big egg is, build up the excitement to really make the most of your Easter Egg hunt!

So, these are some tips to for you to have an absolutely fabulous Easter Egg hunt for your Easter party this year!

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