7 Fantastic Tips to Make your Valentine’s Party the Best on the Block

Valentine’s Party Tips

No matter whoever you love this Valentine’s Day, here we’ve got the perfect step by step guide to help you throw the best Valentine’s themed party. Whether you want to celebrate someone you’ve loved for a long time or want to have a fun singles night with all your friends – we’ve got you covered. 

Don’t ever be afraid to splash out for Valentine’s, it’s a day designed for cheesy romance! So going overboard is absolutely necessary if you want to make your Valentine’s party truly memorable.

Valentine’s Day Decorations

The first thing you need to do is get your venue looking the part, and what better way than to splash out with tonnes of Valentine’s decorations and balloons? You can have a whole array of heart shaped balloons over the impromptu dance floor, and with plenty of Valentine banners you can hang up – the stage will be set for the best Valentine’s party ever. Match these two off with some red and pink garlands and your venue is set to look like a bona-fide Cupid hotel. 

Why not let everyone know where the best Valentine’s party is this year by decorating your doorway with a lovely, massive door bow! That extra detail is sure to impress whoever your guests are on Valentine’s day.

If you’ve got some tables set up for the food and drink, sprinkle some heart shaped confetti over it and have a nice big centerpiece too. The more you have, the better it will look and the reaction from your guests (even though they might be rolling their eyes) will definitely be a positive one. Perhaps even more fun could be if you decide to decorate a small kissing booth, so if any of your guests are feeling particularly romantic – they know where to go.

Dressing for the Occasion

Now, we’re not saying go in fancy dress by any means (…unless that tickles your fancy, of course), but it’s a great idea to get everyone to really dress for Valentine’s. You could either go classy with a sumptuous red and black number, or even a bit silly with a pair of heart-shaped glasses and a cheesy tie – whatever you decide to wear, make sure it fits the theme and you’ll be sure to look absolutely stunning this Valentine’s day.

The Cinema of Romance

If you’re feeling a more low-key vibe to your Valentine’s party, then one amazing thing you can set up is a Valentine’s movie room. Now who doesn’t love a good romcom, right? And as it’s the spirit of things, you can set up a lovely space so that you and your guests can sit down and watch some of their favourite Valentine’s movies with the ones they love – or as a way to start some fascinating conversations between your single friends. Some all-time classics that are a must for your romantic movie room would have to be When Harry Met Sally, Before Sunrise and anything Bridgett Jones.

Say Cheese!

Something everyone needs at a great Valentine’s party nowadays is a DIY photo-booth! Set up a place for everyone to take pictures and feel free to get a bit silly with some props and novelty glasses. You are for certain to get a fantastic reaction and some lifelong memories if you make a great DIY photo-booth.

Party Props

Choosing the Right Refreshments

Now when it comes to catering for your guests on Valentines, why not try and choose some extra romantic sweet treats for your guests to snack on over the night. Chocolate is always going to have a great reaction, and maybe with the addition of some fresh strawberries you can really have something for everyone. You could also send a message to those attending your party asking for what their favourite drinks are, and should they be reasonable to get – you could have everyone’s favourite beverages there and waiting for them. This could also be a fun game for the singles at your party, as you could have everyone try each other’s favourite drinks – this could be a great way to get everyone talking to each other and start off great conversations without the small talk. 

If you fancy doing some larger meals then make you lay the tables with some lovely looking Valentine’s tableware to really set the scene for some extra-special romantic foods at your Valentine’s party. And, if you’re feeling really sweet you could go the extra mile and bake some Valentine’s themed fairy cakes, topped with plenty of pink icing to really set the mood. Whatever you decide to do with your catering, a few extra hearts won’t go amiss.

Valentine’s Games

Now, as we all know – Valentine’s themed party games might become super awkward if your guests haven’t met each other before, so it’s best to leave this until everyone is chatting and drinking. However, if you set up a few two player games around your venue – your guests can entertain themselves and get to know each other in their own way and without feeling pressured to do so. Some great examples would be Would You Rather, a game that can be played both in pairs or as a group. Another great game for pairs at the party could be a romantic themed Two Truths and a Lie, that’s sure to get everybody talking. 

One fun game you can play if you have an even number of guests, and if they are confident enough to try this, is to give half of them a Valentine’s rose and have them give it to a person they’ve been interested in at the end of the night. This is sure to yield some very interesting results.

The Home Stretch

Send your guests home happy with a little bag of fun Valentine’s party favors. Chocolate is obviously the no-brainer here, but also if you’ve had a singles night why not make the opportunity for guests to write little messages in the bags of those that have taken their fancy. Only do this if you know your guests are confident enough to do it, but it will surely make some lasting memories. 

And there you have it! These are some tips you can follow to have your own perfect Valentine’s party. But, of course, the most important thing is to remember to have fun. Valentine’s day is meant to be a cheesy celebration of all that is love and romance, and all that takes is to get a little silly with it. Go ahead, enjoy yourself with the ones that you love and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

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