Easter Party Decoration Ideas for Stressed Parents in 2019

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Easter is nearly upon us in the UK and if you’re one of those very brave people who is considering a family party or a kids’ party then you’re no doubt worrying or thinking about how to make it special and successful.

Easter lands quite late this year with Good Friday on the 19th April and Easter Sunday on the 21st. There are many different celebrations for Easter but a traditional children’s party with bonnets and sweet treats seems to be the simplest way forward.

What we thought we’d do is give you a little tick list of ideas for things you can do for your party to make the Easter bunny proud!

VIP invites…

Of course, if you’re going to have a party, you need invites. Grab yourself some themed party invites and send them out in plenty of time. In this world of social media and instant messaging you might also want to set-up a private Facebook event and invite the parents there, so you can keep a tally of the guest list.

Remember to include:

  • Venue with correct postcode
  • Time (start and finish)
  • What’s involved
  • Any dress code
  • Ideal RSVP method.

Fashionista – Easter bonnet parade

The obvious place to start is the dress code for your event and we suspect you don’t want to go down the black-tie route! The classic Easter bonnet is your best bet and you’ll find many simple and ‘blank’ bonnets out there for you to decorate.

The idea is to go all out and create something very striking!

In your party invites, explain that you’ll be having an Easter bonnet parade (just for fun/everyone’s a winner to save on the tears!) and then get your Easter bonnet game on!

You might want to cheat and just go down the Easter bunny hat route, or be brave, grab a plain Easter bonnet, ready to decorate, and get creative!

Why not add some glitter eggs and of course some Easter chicks and rabbits and then paint or decorate your bonnet for extra style and the wow factor. You might even want to add some fake straw and place your Easter chick on the top!

Go all out though – an Easter bonnet is supposed to be crazy! Some more ideas here.

Party food!

You’ll need to feed the masses and amongst all the beige food that you’ll have to resist eating before they all come, you’ll need something sweet for the end. Making some Easter cupcakes is a great idea and with some themed colours you can match your cupcakes to the colour of your banners and balloons, for that extra coordination.

Get some Easter cupcake cases and picks and go to town with some funky icing and decorations.

Stuck for a recipe? Try this simple recipe from the BBC and get some inspiration for your decoration from Pinterest!

Table decorations

You’ll want to set off your table with some great Easter-themed decorations and here are some simple ideas for you:

Easter egg hunt

No Easter party is complete without a big Easter egg hunt and whether you have a big house or you’re happy to risk the Easter weather and want to do the hunt in your garden, an Easter egg hunt is great fun.

You’ll need enough Easter baskets to go around (one for each child) so stock up on those or go for a more cost-effective Easter bag instead.

Of course, then you’ll need eggs and that could get expensive. There are some top deals on  Easter eggs in many of the high street shops and of course you could go for the classic Creme Egg.

You could also go for some smaller party chocolate eggs to make the Creme Egg finding more exciting.

Tip: Draw a map of your house or garden and put the eggs on there, so YOU know where you put them.  Especially important if you have dogs in the house, as they must not eat chocolate.

Time to go… but wait!

Thank goodness – it was a success and now everyone is starting to leave. But no party is complete without something to give the children on their way out the door before you sit back and relax with a surviving cupcake and a glass of something cold and non-child friendly!

Hand out some Easter giftbags to give the children when they leave and pop another chocolate egg or two in the bottom. Maybe go all out and put a Kinder Egg in the bottom and some Easter balloons to give them a party in a bag for the car ride home.

It’s of course essential to put a noisy toy in there to remind your friends that you arranged the party (he he!) and you’ll find a load more party bag filler ideas right here.

Oh… and if you’re wrapping any gifts then you might want to get some Easter ribbons for them.


… aaaaaaaand relax!

So long as everyone has fun the party will be a great success. You might want to add in some classic party games to keep the children amused in between Easter eggs hunts and eating and of course put some funky party music on too.


If you need more inspiration, then just head up to the search bar on our site and type Easter to find all of the above, and more.  Make your party egg-cellent!

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