Easter Party Ideas for Easter 2022 – Part 1

Wanting to have a fabulous Easter party this year? Well, stick around – cause we have got the perfect set of ideas to get your place looking fantastic for Easter 2022. Make sure to join us for part two of this blog so you can find out more about how to set up an incredible Easter Egg hunt!

Why do we celebrate Easter?

Easter is a Christian festival and cultural holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead after he was crucified. This is also why the symbol of Christianity is the crucifix. And you might also be curious as to why we celebrate Easter with eggs, that is to do with how Jesus Christ himself was symbolic of the sacrificial lamb in Ancient Israel. Since the 12th century this has evolved into including eggs, hams, cheeses, breads and sweets to celebrate the end of the Lenten fast.

And what about the Easter bunny? Well, the association of the rabbit with Easter came out of Protestant areas in Europe in the 17th century. In some European countries other animals are used to signify the coming of Easter. For example, in Switzerland it is the cuckoo who brings the Easter eggs.

Easter Party Decorations and Tips

So if you’re stuck with how to decorate for an Easter party, read on to find out our recommendations on how to dress your house for the best Easter party ever! Whether you are going big or small, we are bound to have the perfect tips to get your party venue looking spectacular for an fantastic Easter themed party.

Easter Balloons

One of our all-time favourite decorations has to be putting up a wide variety of balloons, and Easter is no exception. In fact, this is one of the best times to put up balloons because of the sheer size of our Easter balloon range that we have available. From lovely pastel coloured latex balloons to special foil animals – whatever you might want we are sure to have it in our selection.

We recommend our Qualatex Happy Easter Latex 11” 25 pack to really spruce things up at your party. These balloons come in a range of different colours and are sure to look absolutely stunning no matter where you put them in your home this Easter. Also, for extra variety – we also have a range of Qualatex Easter Bunnies 11” in a 25 pack (https://www.buyfromhome.co.uk/easter-c217/easter-balloons-c487/easter-bunnies-daisies11-25p-p55805) that is sure to look extra special this Easter.

In terms of foil balloons, one of our favourite choices is the lovely range of Grabo Bunny Head 26” balloons – these are really fun characters to have at your Easter party this year.

Easter Decorations

Why not spruce up the rest of your party venue with some incredible Easter themed decorations. And we have plenty of decorations to choose from. A great option is to dress your tables to look great for a proper Easter feast – and this gold tablecloth is sure to make all your food look spectacular (https://www.buyfromhome.co.uk/catering-c54/plain-tablecovers-c88/plastic-tablecover-gold-108-p60928 ). You can also spread some fabulous confetti around too to really tie everything together, we recommend these Bunny and Chick cutouts in the 24 pack (https://www.buyfromhome.co.uk/easter-c217/easter-decorations-c218/bunny-chick-confetti-24pk-p48504) Maybe even hang up some Unique Party Spring Is Here Pennant Banners too to get your venue looking spectacular! (https://www.buyfromhome.co.uk/easter-c217/easter-decorations-c218/unique-party-pstl-flrl-fbrc-pnnt-bnnr-p56501). We also have some amazing Unique Party Floral Easter Window Clings that you can hang up on whatever window you would like (https://www.buyfromhome.co.uk/easter-c217/easter-decorations-c218/floral-easter-window-clings-p56481) and maybe try these lovely hanging decorations too (https://www.buyfromhome.co.uk/easter-c217/easter-decorations-c218/3-flral-easter-bunny-hng-swrl-p56668). We recommend doing a combination of all these decorations and balloons to make your home truly shine for your Easter Party this year. If you have any questions about how to hang up these decorations, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Easter Dress-up

Now one really fun thing you can do this year for Easter is get dressed up for the occasion! Now, obviously, you don’t have to properly get all fancy dressed up but why not get some Easter accessories so you can look the part for your amazing Easter party. We really love the Easter Bunny Ear Headbands to get you looking absolutely fabulous this Easter (https://www.buyfromhome.co.uk/easter-c217/easter-eggs-gifts-c369/easter-bunny-ear-headbands-4pk-p56484).

These are our tips to give you the best Easter Party ever! Join us for part two of this blog where we will give you hints of doing the best Easter Egg hunt ever!

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