How to Throw a Perfect 1st Birthday Party

How to Throw a Perfect 1st Birthday Party

Sending out the Invitations

The first thing any party needs is some guests, so when planning your little one’s 1st birthday it’s important to send out some invitations – but remember to not go overboard with the amount of guests. Young children can easily become overwhelmed, so try and keep who you’re inviting to a minimum. Keep to your closest friends and family, and maybe send them a formal invitation so they can have a lovely keepsake of your child’s first birthday.

Why not look through our invitations range to see what would best suit your little one’s taste, whichever you choose is sure to be a treasured memory.

Top Tip – To make an invitation extra special, get crafty with your little one and maybe let them add a finishing touch to the invites before you send them off. A paint handprint or footprint could be extra cute for your party guests.

1st Birthday Party Decorations

When decorating for your child’s 1st birthday party, there are many exciting themes you can choose from. From balloons in all colours, shapes and sizes to fun and dazzling and 1st birthday decorations – whatever you feel like doing for your party decorations, it’s bound to be a blast for whoever is attending your party. For example, if you feel like adding some sparkle to your decor – have a look through our Twinkle Star range of party supplies. Their golden star designs are both elegant and exciting for your tableware. Our range includes a tablecover, napkins and plates so all your party food can look fabulous. 

1st Birthday Decorations

Or perhaps you’d like to get some foil balloons with some fun characters, animals or designs on to really make your little one’s birthday special. We recommend our pastel star balloons too, as they’re a great fit for any young children’s party.  Whatever you decide, decorating your party up with loads of funky colours and decorations is bound to make a great impression on all your guests and, most importantly, your birthday boy or girl.

Top Tip – When planning for a party, and with a little one to care for – you might be strapped for time, so why not get your balloons inflated the day before? If you get your balloons treated with HiFloat, they can last up to 25 times as long as normal.

Food & Drink Ideas for 1st Birthday Party

It’s not a party unless there’s a tonne of great party food, and this is probably the best way to impress all your party guests! Perhaps the best way of setting out your party platters is in a big buffet-style table in the middle of your venue, so all of your guests can start conversations with one another whilst getting some tasty treats. For this reason, a huge selection of fun finger foods are a must for your party platters. Stuff like finger sandwiches, fruit kebabs, vegetable sticks, sausage rolls and mini pizzas will all go down a treat at your little one’s first birthday party.

As you might be catering for other people’s newborns and toddlers too, why not make some low-sugar fruit smoothies so they have something refreshing and tasty whilst they’re still waiting for their first set of teeth. Splash out on some ice cream combos and fruit jelly too as they’re soft and easy to eat for all the young children at your party.

Top Tip: Kids love fun shaped foods, so get some cookie cutters out and go to town on everything that can be cut into a funky new shape! It’s sure to add some extra fun to your platters in no time!

1st Birthday Party Games

As many 1 year olds will find it tricky to keep focused one a particular set of games, keep your planned activities to a minimum and try not to plan too many stressful activities for them. However, if you have some older children at your party, some activities are definitely worth planning, here’s a list of ideas that might work for you:

  • Make a soft and safe baby play area for all the little ones to enjoy themselves and keep entertained, and it’s a great opportunity for them to play with all their new toys!
  •  Arts and crafts are sure to go down a treat with children of all ages, just make sure you’ve prepared an area that can be cleaned up easily – as finger painting or other creative activities might cause a mess!
  • If you have a nice outside area, decorate a space so that the children can have fun in the sun and play outside during your party.
Play Area

Top Tip: After your younger guests have taken part in some fun activities, why not reward them with a good party bag so they can be sent home happy and with a pocket full of goodies.

1st Birthday Cake

Every party needs a cake, and if you can make your cake even more amazing by decorating with a number 1 shaped sparkler. Have a look through all our fun and funky cake decorations too – as there’s bound to be something special you might not see anywhere else.

If you’re attending a 1st birthday party, we’ve got a range of 1st birthday cards – with one of our favourites being our Piccadilly Birthday card which is perfect for either a baby boy or a baby girl. These are sure to be a nice memento for the parents to keep as they remember the first birthday of their child.

The Finishing Touches! Have fun.

Whether you decide to go big or small with your little one’s 1st birthday celebrations, if you follow some of these tips you’re bound to give your child the best 1st birthday party ever. Relax, have fun and celebrate your child’s first year with all your friends and family.

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