How to throw the Perfect New Year’s Party at Home – A Step By Step Guide

throw the Perfect New Year's Party at Home

With 2021 coming to an end, it’s that time to start thinking about how to celebrate New Year’s Eve and all the exciting new ventures that the next year will bring us. However, as we all know – in tumultuous times such as these, many of our parties will have to take place at home this year. You may be stuck as to what to do, and that’s why we’re here to help you throw the best New Year party from the comfort of your own home.

  With all this in mind, we’ve got some helpful tips and fun ideas to make your New Year celebration much more memorable. Read on for some New Year’s inspiration.

New Year’s Eve Decoration Ideas

Welcome the start of the New Year by dressing your place for the occasion. No matter who you’ve got coming to your party, create a stunning backdrop in your own home with our massive range of New Year banners, balloons and bunting. Everything can dazzle and sparkle if you dress it just right, and it can make your party even better. We also have a huge range of tableware options too, so all your party food can look all the more delicious.

Get some fun and funky balloons up in every room, and decorate as sparkly as you possibly can to get that big party feel! This is perhaps the most important part of a great New Year’s Eve party, so go all out!

Another interesting step you can take with your New Year party is to give all your different guests places to be so they can mingle and chat with each other the whole way up until the countdown. Set up an impromptu bar area, and maybe a bottle of bubbly or two, where everyone can top up their refreshments without missing out on all the party fun.

If you’ve got kids, and some of their friends or young relatives coming as guests – set up a place where they can play safely and enjoy their own New Year’s fun together. Have their little area dressed up with fun balloons, and maybe even make a table for their own refreshments and snacks too.

Including Virtual Celebrations

It is unfortunate that during these times, we may not be able to join our loved ones in person – but we can do our best by setting up some virtual celebrations to help us bring in the New Year with those nearest and dearest to us. Why not send some invites to those who can’t be with you to drum up some excitement, and maybe send them some of the same decorations you used so they can dress their place to look the same as yours. It might not be exactly what you wanted, but at least you can make the most of it by including some virtual celebrations in your New Year party.  

Maybe include some party games for your virtual celebration so that everyone can join in the party fun.

My Favourite Bit – The Party Food!

You may not  be catering for hundreds this year – but that doesn’t mean you want to be caught doing all the washing up! Why not look through our massive range of tableware to help you make all your platters look stunning and all your snacks extra delicious. Our range is sure to make everything look that much better and with easy clean-up, it’s a win-win for you and your New Year Party.

Lay your spread with canapes and plenty of finger food so everyone has something to snack on throughout the evening, and make sure there’s some sweeties for those with a sweet tooth! Whether your party is big or small, more food is always a great idea for anyone holding any festivities in the New Year celebration.

Don’t skimp on a cheese board, or a sweetie jar, or anything else your party guests might want and have yourselves a delectable banquet of great New Year’s party food.

Activities for Everyone

Every party needs some music, and perhaps the best activity for those wishing to celebrate New Year is some dancing! As a fun activity for you and your guests, you can make a big playlist with everyone’s favourite songs in it – so everyone has a chance to dance to whatever their favourite songs are. Another fun twist on this idea is to play musical Guess Who, and have everyone stick on a guilty pleasure of theirs and have the guests try and figure out who it is.

And if the party calls for it, there are plenty of opportunities to have different party games for all ages – why not have a Connect Four tournament and try to finally beat Grandad after Years of trying, or play some games of Two Truths and a Lie if you need to get some of your guests talking to one another and having some good old fashioned fun.

Fireworks on New Year’s Eve

Why not browse through our massive range of fireworks and celebrate the coming of the new year with a bang? Whether your party is big or small, some fireworks will help give your party that extra special touch.

Shop Fireworks

Last but not least…

And our final tip for having the very best New Year party is… just have some fun! We all need to wind down and enjoy ourselves at the end of the year, and you are no exception to this rule. So please remember that in all the hustle and bustle, the best part of New Year is to relax, spend some time with those you love, and to have some proper fun. And so if you are planning to host a wonderful Christmas party at home, we have some great tips for you.

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