Ideas for Red Nose Day 2022

Red Nose Day UK 2022

When is Red Nose Day in UK?

Red Nose Day is finally back! And it is coming on Friday the 18th March and we are here to help you do your bit to help people live free from poverty, violence and discrimination. This includes funding organizations that are currently supporting those affected by the Russian-Ukraine conflict. No matter what you choose to do, you have the power to change lives for the better this Red Nose Day.

How can you get Red Nose Day ready?

Well, get a Red Nose, of course! We are going to get a full stock of all the new special 2022 Red Noses so whichever style you choose to rock for this year’s Red Nose Day, we are sure to have it right here!

What can I do for Red Nose Day?

Well, this is the thing, anything you can think of is a great idea to help raise money for Comic Relief this year! Whether it’s buying Red Noses, baking tonnes of cakes for enormous cake sales, smashing some crazy challenges or simply picking up the phone and making a donation. Whatever works for you, you’ll be able to make a difference this Red Nose Day.

  • Jordan North Rows Home!

BBC Radio 1 DJ Jordan North completed a grueling 100-mile row to raise money for Red Nose Day. He rowed all the way from London back to his hometown of Burnley, mastering difficult canals, snaking waterways and tricky tunnels in his five-day challenge. His efforts were incredible and BBC Radio 1 listeners have donated over half a million pounds so far to help both people in the UK and all over the world. The money is still rolling in and we are so proud of what ‘The King of The North’ has managed to achieve in his 100-mile rowing journey.

  • Tom Daley’s Hell of a Homecoming!

The national hero and diving superstar Tom Daley also took on a massive endurance challenge of his own to raise money for all the amazing charities and projects supported by Comic Relief. Over four days Tom swam in absolutely arctic open waters, cycled on some terrifying tracks and completed an ultra-marathon as he made his way from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford to his hometown of Plymouth.

  • The Red Nose and Spoon Race!

This is an event that hasn’t taken place yet but is still going to be an absolute joy to watch. This event has two teams of the One Show favourites, Owain Wyn Evans and Angellica Bell, battle it out over four days attempting to keep Red Noses balanced on spoons as they take out the ultimate race all over the Lake District.

So get Red Nose Ready with us here at Hakimpur and do your bit to help those in need this year! 

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