Street or Garden Party Ideas for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, one absolutely fantastic thing you can do is throw a proper street party with you and your neighbours! Well, here is our set of tips to help you get planned and ready to commemorate Her Majesty the Queen’s seventy years of service to our country.

Firstly, it’s important to note that holding a street party is easier than you might originally think, and it is definitely going to be worth it! Just have a little trust that your neighbours will want one, because they most probably will!

So, where do you start? Well, we recommend planning a good month or so ahead, so everybody knows what’s going to be happening and if they would like to participate or not. You will need to ask your council if you would like to have a road closure, just so that everyone is given enough time to prepare in case they still need to commute or what have you.

So what can you do for your street party? Well, this is our area of expertise! So read on to find out what you can do for your phenomenal street party! 

Firstly, then, you’ll need to get everything decorated and looking proper regal in celebration. We here at Buyfromhome have got a lot that we can recommend, and what better place to start than with some classic Union Jack bunting. This is high quality bunting that is available in different lengths, so if you would like to hang it across the street you’re sure to find the length you need in our range. We also have some specific Platinum Jubilee bunting too. It is super stylish with its royal emblem design with a picture of Her Majesty The Queen at its centre. Hang any of these up at your street party and you are sure to set the scene spectacularly.

You can also hang up other Union Jack flags here, there and everywhere, along with some of the specially designed Platinum Jubilee flags too! These are commemorative flags that have the dates of Her Majesty the Queen’s service to our country, so they are also a valuable collectors item for those that wish to keep something special and sentimental from the Jubilee.

Talk to your neighbours about hanging some bunting across the street if it is possible to do so, and stick up some flags wherever you can hang them and your street party is bound to look absolutely fabulous! You can add the eye catchy Life Size Queen’s Cutouts to pose with and take photos.

But the decor doesn’t have to end there for your phenomenal street party! We also recommend setting your table with our huge variety of Union Jack tableware, which includes everything you could possibly need. From plates to bowls, all in different sizes, to table covers and even some special Queen’s Platinum Jubilee table scatters to really get all your catering looking absolutely fantastic! All of these items are sure to get your street party feast looking absolutely incredible. 

So we have covered how to get your street party looking the part, so what can you do to entertain your guests? Well, we have got you covered! 

What is a party without some music? We recommend going round your neighbours houses and asking them for a mix of their favourite music (so long as it’s family friendly, of course) and compile a playlist so that everyone can have something that they like whilst they are at your street party. Obviously, play it at an appropriate volume so that no one is disturbed, but just enough to get the groove going. You can also maybe set up a place that is more music focused with a little impromptu dance floor if you’d like to have a place to throw some shapes with all your friends, family and neighbours!

If you have kids attending your street party, then one fantastic thing you can do is set up an arts and crafts table so they can flex their creative muscles and maybe make some friends along the way! You can have it so they are all assigned to make their own paper crowns, or draw pictures of Royal Celebrations, or just imagine what the Queen has achieved in her seventy years of service. A crafts table is sure to get some of the little ones entertained and chatting away whilst the rest of the street party is underway. 

You can also organise a Quiz, perhaps mixed up teams so you can get neighbours who maybe don’t know each other so they can get talking and thinking up the answers together. Maybe offer a small prize for the winner of the quiz, and potentially even some runner-up prizes too. This can be a Jubilee themed quiz, or maybe some general history over what has transpired over the past seventy years – as to spread some awareness over what Her Majesty The Queen has done in her seventy years of service. 

And lastly, invite your neighbours to join you in doing some celebratory baking of whatever you might want! You can do Union Jack or Platinum Jubilee cupcakes, or even things like homemade pies, both of the savoury and the sweet variety, and whatever else you might want to. We recommend doing this so everyone can get involved and introduce their special recipe to all your neighbours on the street. And what better way than to connect everyone than baking? 

So, these are our tips about having a street party – however, we are aware that organising one of these might be a difficult thing depending on where you live or the availability of your neighbours, but we are pleased to say that all these ideas will work in a Garden party too, so if that’s how you choose to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee you’re sure to still have a fabulous time. 

And there you have it, these have been a couple of tips to help you have an absolutely incredible Platinum Jubilee street party experience in celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s phenomenal seventy year reign as our Monarch. You can also read part one of this blog to find out more about her reign and a few tips about how to hold a Platinum Jubilee party at home!

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